History of Traffic Concerns in Harringay Part 3

Third and final part in this series (see here and here for the first two), here are a few more of the

History of Traffic Concerns in Harringay Part 2

In a previous blog post we linked to some old posts from Harringay Online, between 2007 (when HoL first started) up to 2009. Of course the discussion didn't

History of Traffic Concerns in Harringay Part 1

There is a history going back many years of concern and complaint about the excessive levels and inequitable distribution of traffic in Harringay, as evidenced by

Fresh Start: Joint LCSP-Living Wightman Submission to Haringey

Originally posted by Justin Guest on Harringay Online, click here for original post and comments.
The LCSP (traffic sub-group) and Living Wightman have contributed recently in the development of a resident led submission to Haringey in relation to traffic and the Ladder. I am pleased to share the "Fresh Start" document with you here. I have also copied the

Update to Living Wightman Supporters August 26

Originally posted to the Living Wightman Facebook group on August 26 2016 by Penny Andrews:

Dear LW Supporters and Friends
I’m hope this finds you all well and that you’ve

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett in discussion with local residents about traffic issues

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party, and Jarelle FRANCIS, Green Party Candidate in the Harringay by-election on Thursday 28 July met with representatives from Living Wightman and other local residents to discuss the traffic issues that affect the whole area.

Natalie Bennett, shown above with

Observations on LTDS data from the Transport Study Initial Findings

I've been trying to make sense of the LTDS (London Travel Demand Survey) trip data in the study initial findings (sections 2.5 onwards). As I understand it this is based on

A short history of the Harringay ladder traffic problem

The Harringay ladder is a set of residential streets that were laid out and built up between 1880 and 1900 on land that was previously open countryside. There are 20 parallel streets running westwards from the line of Green Lanes which already existed as an ...

Cycling Along Wightman - What We Found Out at Monday's Bike Breakfast 13th June 2016

There was an enthusiastic response to Monday’s Bike Breakfast on Wightman Road organised by Living Wightman and Haringey Cyclists. The event was

Imagining Possible Futures for Wightman Road

Originally posted by Julia Smith on Harringay Online, click here to read the discussion.
With all the attention on the benefits and disbenefits of the current closure of Wightman Road , we haven’t yet spent much time thinking about what the future of Wightman Road might be. With both the current closure and traffic study, now is the