Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett in discussion with local residents about traffic issues

Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party, and Jarelle FRANCIS, Green Party Candidate in the Harringay by-election on Thursday 28 July met with representatives from Living Wightman and other local residents to discuss the traffic issues that affect the whole area.

Natalie Bennett, shown above with
activists Penny Andrews and Julia Smith from Living Wightman, Jarelle FRANCIS and Green Party member Ronald Stewart, was given detailed information about the traffic issues facing residents in Wightman Road and adjoining roads; but the traffic congestion on Green Lanes was also considered.
Discussion focused also on the need to monitor the pollution levels in the area; Haringey Green Party is poised to put up further monitoring tubes after an initial initiative in January showed that all areas measured in the area exceeded EU legal limits.
Natalie Bennett also suggested that as quite a large part of the traffic is coming from adjoining boroughs, any solution must be seen on a cross-borough basis and should involve the London Assembly. Jarelle FRANCIS would involve Caroline Russell, Green Party London Assembly Member who has campaigned for a long time on traffic issues.

Originally posted on Harringay Online by Martina Weitsch, click here to read the original.