History of Traffic Concerns in Harringay Part 3

Third and final part in this series (see here and here for the first two), here are a few more of the
traffic-related posts from Harringay Online from between 2013 and 2015:

2013 local resident Ant's suggestions for reducing traffic on northern parts of the Ladder (see photo mockup below). Also this year local resident Frederick Guy posts a discussion calling for "making the borough of Haringey a continuous quilt of safe, healthy, traffic-calmed neighborhoods"

2014 Cllr Emina Ibrahim calls for a Traffic and Parking Review in Harringay because "we have got to the stage that the amount of traffic coming down the ladder roads really needs to be dealt with".

2015 local resident ThaiDi identifies that recent changes to the Green Lanes/Hermitage Road junction managed to eliminate the existing cycle lane infrastructure!