Living Wightman's "Frequently Asked Questions"

Hello Living Wightman Supporters!

We have just published a few "Frequently Asked Questions" about Filtering Wightman Road:

Q1: Isn't it selfish to support Filtering Wightman Road?
Q2: What is wrong with “Minor Improvements” to Wightman Road?
Q3: Isn't Filtering Wightman Road an unrealistic option because it will cost too much to implement?
Q4: Won't Filtering Wightman Road just shift traffic onto Turnpike Lane, Green Lanes and into Crouch End?
Q5: Won't journey times become a nightmare if Wightman Road is Filtered?
Q6: Won’t Filtering Wightman Road make pollution worse elsewhere?
Q7: Won’t the local economy and businesses be affected if Wightman Road is Filtered?
Q8: Why won't making Wightman Road one-way halve traffic?
Q9: Isn’t supporting Filtering Wightman Road a “wasted vote”, since it will not receive support from other areas?
Q10: Is it possible to Filter Wightman Road when it is a classified B road?
Q11: How do I complete the survey to support the filtering of Wightman Road?
Q12 Aren't Green Lanes and Turnpike Lane "residential" too?

Please let us know if you would like to suggest any other questions and answers, or think any of our existing FAQs could be improved? You can contact us by email here, or via Facebook or Twitter.

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