New documents and data added to Living WIghtman website

Hello Living Wightman Supporters!
With only two weeks to go before the council's survey closes, we're trying to make sure all the information our supporters need is easily available on the website.

It really is vital - literally! - that we maximise support for filtering Wightman Road as it is the only option in the survey that will guarantee a permanent reduction in traffic on our residential streets.

The survey is a once in a generation - perhaps once in a lifetime - opportunity for us all to tell the Council what we want for our streets, our environment, the places we live and work.

The information added to the website includes:
Please let us know if there is any more information you'd like us to add!

Living Wightman's "Frequently Asked Questions"

Hello Living Wightman Supporters!

We have just published a few "Frequently Asked Questions" about Filtering Wightman Road:

Q1: Isn't it selfish to support Filtering Wightman Road?
Q2: What is wrong with “Minor Improvements” to Wightman Road?
Q3: Isn't Filtering Wightman Road an unrealistic option because it will cost too much to implement?
Q4: Won't Filtering Wightman Road just shift traffic onto Turnpike Lane, Green Lanes and into Crouch End?
Q5: Won't journey times become a nightmare if Wightman Road is Filtered?
Q6: Won’t Filtering Wightman Road make pollution worse elsewhere?
Q7: Won’t the local economy and businesses be affected if Wightman Road is Filtered?
Q8: Why won't making Wightman Road one-way halve traffic?
Q9: Isn’t supporting Filtering Wightman Road a “wasted vote”, since it will not receive support from other areas?
Q10: Is it possible to Filter Wightman Road when it is a classified B road?
Q11: How do I complete the survey to support the filtering of Wightman Road?
Q12 Aren't Green Lanes and Turnpike Lane "residential" too?

Please let us know if you would like to suggest any other questions and answers, or think any of our existing FAQs could be improved? You can contact us by email here, or via Facebook or Twitter.

WE ARE ALSO FUNDRAISING TO PRINT LEAFLETS AND RUN CAMPAIGN EVENTS. Please donate to the Living Wightman campaign by making a donation at our Just Giving page here.

Please Don’t Let The Council Make Our Traffic Even Worse!

Living Wightman campaigners will be delivering a leaflet to local households soon, the text of this is reproduced below. If you can help deliver leaflets please get in touch via email, Facebook or Twitter; you can also make a donation via Just Giving to help us pay for the leaflets and other materials for campaign events. Thank you!

Please Don’t Let The Council Make Our Traffic Even Worse!

Haringey Council has been running a transport study, set up to reduce our excessive traffic burden. Over 114,000 vehicles a week on Wightman Road - higher than on Turnpike Lane and several other local A-roads!

We expect our councillors to protect residents from the accumulated bad effects of past decisions - we want traffic greatly reduced and nothing less will do. However, we are concerned the Council will

LCSP backs Wightman Filtering!

We are delighted to report that the traffic sub-committee of the Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP - the umbrella group for Harringay's Residents' Associations and other local interest groups) has indicated that its preferred option for the future of Wightman Road is filtering. LCSP's recent letter to its members is reproduced in full below.
LCSP's support for Wightman filtering is great news - we also believe this is the only option guaranteed to permanently reduce traffic. We need as many people as possible to show their support for filtering - you can do this by completing the council's Green Lanes Area Transport Study survey here before Sunday 14th May - and please encourage your friends and neighbours to complete the survey too!

LCSP's letter to members:

Dear LCSP Member,
As you may be aware from the recent letter drop by Haringey Council we are coming to the point where the Green Lanes Area Traffic Study is finally about to