Fresh Start - a document jointly submitted by Living Wightman and the Ladder Community Safety Partnership to Haringey Council in July 2016

Joint Letter To Peray Ahmet (Cabinet Minister for the Environment, Haringey Council) in July 2016 from Living Wightman, the Ladder Community Safety Partnership, and Haringey Cyclists.

Existing Conditions Note - Description of the traffic conditions which led to the Green Lanes Area Transport Study by Steer Davies Gleave, consultants commissioned by Haringey Council to "examine transport in the study area, and to develop a series of measures that are holistic and equitable".

Traffic Data January 2016 - online spreadsheet of traffic data collected in January 2016

Living Wightman's leaflet on Wood Green Area Action Plan, encouraging residents to object to the implicit assumption of Haringey Council's "preferred options", that large volumes of road traffic will continue to be routed onto Wightman Road and the Ladder.

Living Wightman "support filtering" leaflet encouraging residents to complete the council's Green Lanes Area Transport Study survey and indicate strong support for Wightman Road filtering - the only option guaranteed to drastically reduce traffic on Wightman Road and the Ladder rungs.

Following the submission of the Fresh Start document to Haringey Council, Living Wightman was invited to send a representative to the Transport Study's Steering Group. The presentations by the consultants Steer Davies Gleave to the Steering Group provide much useful data as do the Council's meeting minutes:
  • Steering Group Meeting #1 (Jun 2016) minutes and SDG presentation describes the engagement process and summarises some of the info in the Existing Conditions Note on traffic conditions, traffic flows, car ownership figures etc.
  • Steering Group Meeting #2 (Aug 2016) minutes and SDG presentation with initial summary of the response to the Round 1 Engagement (i.e. the residents' proposals that had been submitted via an interactive map).
  • Steering Group Meeting #3 (Nov 2016) minutes and SDG presentation with more detailed summary of interactive map engagement feedback, which the consultants had analysed against criteria in an Assessment Framework. The SDG presentation also included information on ANPR traffic flow data (through traffic vs local traffic), average journey time, average bus journey times, and pollution data before and during the bridgeworks when Wightman Road was filtered.
  • Steering Group Meeting #4 (Dec 2016) minutes and SDG presentation of the consultants' "medium list" of package options.
  • Steering Group Meeting #5 (Feb 2017) minutes .