Who We Are

Living Wightman
Improving Health, Quality of Life and the Environment in Harringay

Supported by Haringey Cyclists, Haringey Living Streets, the Ladder Community Safety Partnership and Wood Green and Tottenham Friends of the Earth

Living Wightman is a coalition of local residents launched in 2016 to oppose the continued use of Harringay Ward as a primary through route for traffic in north London. For decades, Haringey Council have effectively prioritised the "rights" of drivers using Wightman Road and the adjoining residential side street as ratruns, over the rights of local residents to a quality of life which neighbouring areas receive without question.

Whilst our primary focus is Wightman Road - no residential street should carry c.120,000 vehicles per week - our goal is for a better quality of life for all residents in and around Harringay Ward through a reduction in the levels of traffic using our narrow residential streets.